New Print Releases!

by Solomoriah

As of this moment, the 3rd Edition of the Basic Fantasy RPG Core Rules and The Basic Fantasy Field Guide are both available on and! distribution will follow shortly, and both books have been submitted to will have both hardback and paperback editions. will have only paperback versions, and as they supply, that’s what they’ll have as well. will eventually have both hardback and paperback editions; note that RPGNow hardbacks are a bit bigger than Lulu hardbacks.

All our items, including the new releases, are here:

Note:  You may need to go to the second page to find the new releases.

Here are the links to

Basic Fantasy RPG Core Rules 3E

The Basic Fantasy Field Guide

Coming in 2015

There’s more to come!  I anticipate the release of both J.D. Neal’s adventure series JN3 Saga of the Giants and my own multimodule BF3 Strongholds of Sorcery sometime in 2015.  I wouldn’t be at all surprised if we managed to get J.D.’s adventure out by Easter; mine will take longer, but I have high hopes that it will make it out before Halloween.  House of Coldarius, one of the adventures in Strongholds of Sorcery, is very appropriate to Halloween, so that’s why I’m aiming for that date.  And depending on submissions, it’s entirely possible that AA2 Adventure Anthology 2 might be in print for Christmas 2015.  So stay tuned!

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