New Stuff and More New Stuff

by Solomoriah

If you’ve been following us on the forums, Google+, or Facebook you’ll know we’ve released a number of things in print recently.  Of course, the 3rd Edition of the Core Rules and the Field Guide were the big news, but on Christmas Eve we released David Gerard’s DC1 Tales of the Laughing Dragon, making Dave the third author (after myself and J.D. Neal) to have a multimodule published in his name.

So today I updated the print versions of BF1 Morgansfort; most of the changes are just errors that we corrected, but it also contains the adventure-expanding changes that came out of a negative review by Alex on the Cirsova blog (see also the followup post).  Let me say that I didn’t just “cave in” and change things because someone didn’t like them… read the long discussion on the forum if you don’t believe me.  No, I really saw what Alex was talking about, and was not happy with the results.  So I fixed it, and in so doing made the whole Cave of the Unknown better.

I also updated the cover of that adventure, going “darker” mainly because that’s the mood I find myself in.  I also colorized Nathan Nada’s cover, with his (long ago) agreement; it’s a great piece, and I in no way think I improved it, but I wanted the whole cover to look a bit “richer” if you know what I mean.

Finally (for now, anyway), sometime before Easter I have every expectation that we will release J.D. Neal’s JN3 Saga of the Giants in print.  It is a GREAT BIG adventure, as big as the Core Rules, and I think it will be one of the best bargains out there.  Heck, it’s already free, and that’s a heck of a bargain.

There’s more to come beyond that even.  Strongholds of Sorcery, by myself, Stuart Marshall, and J.D. Neal, is about 85% complete.  I’d love to see in done by next Christmas… it’s a great set of adventures, combining the tricky and very bonkers Castle D’Angelo, the classic horror-movie with some twists that is called House of Coldarius, and the strangely deadly Tower of Light.

And there is the ongoing development of Adventure Anthology 2AA1 has proven surprisingly popular, but then I should have known that a book of short adventures would be well received.  Everyone needs a fill-in here and there, and that’s what the Adventure Anthology Series is all about.  We’re still looking for submissions for the second book in the series.

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