Why BFRPG isn’t on RPGNow

by Solomoriah

I spent some time studying RPGNow; even started signing up for a publisher account.  But I don’t think we’re a good fit with them.

First, they’re oriented toward profit-making products.  We don’t make profit, at all, and do not intend to ever change that.

Actually, that leads more or less directly into the second issue… locked, watermarked PDF files.  We give ’em away here… why in the world would I want people to “buy” (for some definition of “buy”) a watermarked, locked version of something we give away for free in source or PDF?

I understand we get overlooked because we aren’t on RPGNow.  It was mentioned several times during the Basic Fantasy Blog Appreciation Day event.  But honestly, I just can’t see it as a good idea for us.

2 thoughts on “Why BFRPG isn’t on RPGNow

  1. Hywaywolf

    I used to get all worked up because BFRPG wasn’t getting the recognition it deserved, but I have long sense cooled on the issue. I am in multiple PBP games and 1 live chat game using BFRPG rules. I could join more if I wanted to rearrange my schedule to meet their time frames. So the need for a widespread audience so that I can find games to join has been met. There is also a core group of dedicated, talented people working on new supplements and such so the game continues to get better. The forums are busier than they have ever been.

    My needs are being met and since this isn’t a for-profit endeavor there isn’t a driving need to get the word out so that we can keep the doors open. If others miss out on the goodness that is Basic Fantasy Role Playing Game, then that is their loss not mine. That is not to say that I don’t want to spread the word, but we don’t need to sell out to do it. Just keep playing games online and advertizing on other forums for players, play it at Cons, and keep putting out great supplements and modules.

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