Buy Print Copies of the Rules and Adventure Modules

So you've downloaded the rules, and you've decided you really like them. (You have downloaded the rules, right? If not, click here.) Now all you need is a high-quality printed copy. Well, we've got you covered. The Basic Fantasy RPG Core Rules, as well as some of our best adventure modules, are available in print from several different sites:

All our current print products are available in perfect bound (paperback) format on, and all are eligible for free super-saver shipping. Here's the full list: Links sells hardbound, perfect bound (paperback), and coil bound copies of the Core Rules, as well as perfect bound and saddle stitched copies of our adventure modules. We've been selling through for many years now, and their print quality is top notch. Click here to visit our store. For your convenience, here's a handy list of our current print products on Links

DriveThruRPG print copies are being rolled out slowly, owing mainly to the fact that their publication procedures are harder to get right. Here are the titles we have available at present: Links
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