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Re: The Russian Translation

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In Russian the term ´ravnina´ = ´plain, plain landscape´ existed, but it can be forested.

The plain places without trees can be:

´lug´ = ´meadow, a plain site covered with grass´,

´pol´ana´ = ´glade, a place covered mainly with grass in forest or near the forest´

´pustoš´´ = ´waste, a not-inhabited and not-cultivated site´ (almost always not about forests in the modern language),

´step´´ = ´steppe, a plain landscape covered with grass´

´pol´e´ = ´field, a cultivated area´.

It seems for the landscape type of wild lands can be variant ´luga, stepi, pustoši´ = ´meadows, steppes, wastes´.

Jungles can be translated as ´džungli´ (dense tropical forest) or like ´čašča´ = ´dense part of forest´. It seems the later terms is suitable.
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Re: The Russian Translation

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I'll bow to your judgment here.
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Re: The Russian Translation

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Alright, here's spells section. Translation is a little bit different, unedited and unformatted.

Slowly translating monsters.
bfrpg - spells alphabetical rus.odt
WIP Core Rules Spells Russian translation
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