New Classes: Magician & Mentalist

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New Classes: Magician & Mentalist

Post Sat Jan 23, 2021 12:56 pm

Hello Everyone,

I've been working on this idea for years but for some reason I decided to just get it done this morning. Not sure why!

Magicians and Mentalists
The inspiration for this actually originally came from one of the DragonLance books. I remember reading it and they had a traveling Magician show and Raistlin commented that they were charlatans and not real mages. I think the performer wore a green robe or something, and tried to pass themselves off as a real Wizard of High Sorcery.

Anyway, at the time I read this I was a huge fan of stage magic and had been practice a few tricks on my own. Mostly card and coin magic. I wasn't good, but I liked it and am still a huge fan of magic. I was also reading Dune at the time, and would later become a huge fan of the Mentalist TV show (not the last season, but while they were focused on Red John). And I wanted to capture the idea of those types of characters - not ones with magical powers, but people who were very smart, very skilled, and very clever and were able to make "magic" happen by skill alone.

I've poked at this for literally decades, yet have never been able to make it "feel right" or ready. That changed. I have no idea why, but I felt like I was ready to put my ideas down into a draft and see what people think!

I had originally planned this out for 2nd Edition, but I wanted to see if it works in BFRPG. I don't see why it shouldn't, and this is obviously a rough draft. Obviously, the choice for the core class was the thief. I think the inspiration for the Magician class should be fairly obvious, but there are a number of magic specials on Netflix and YouTube which I think capture what I'm going for here - a close up/street magician. Sure they would love to have a large stage and crew, but they'll settle for a deck of cards and a quick smile.

The mentalist is a bit different. I put an Easter egg in there and I'll be curious to see if anyone catches it, but the inspiration was primarily the Bene Gesserit from Dune. Hence the things like paraconcious suggestions that are imbedded into people, the Voice (I called it Persuasion) and the unarmed fighting notes. After becoming a fan of the mentalist, I wanted to include more of Patrick Jane in the class as well. Hopefully that comes through.

Anyway, I'd love feedback, thoughts, play testing, ideas for more equipment and so on!
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