[IF] Assassin Supplement for Iron Falcon

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[IF] Assassin Supplement for Iron Falcon

Post Sun Jan 24, 2021 11:29 pm

A slightly altered Assassin sub class for Iron Falcon and S&W. Wanted the class to be more distinct from the thief and more focused therefore some things have been changed from the original. Ideas are from several sources including John Rothwell's Assassin class from White Dwarf 77'.
-Poison is fleshed out a bit. Assassins can now make their own poisons and even extract it from poisonous creatures.
-Several thief skills have been removed in order to keep both classes from being too similar. I always felt the thief should be more akin to Indiana Jones or Han Solo while the Assassin is the more martially-focus stealth expert.
-Used the backstab variant from S&W where the Assassin's level is added to the damage total. I decided against an instant kill ability as I don't really care for that kind of thing. In addition the backstab progression is lowered by 1 step. I think both of these things emphasize the Assassin's alpha striking ability without all the save or die stuff.
-Disguise...of course
-The only 'added' ability is ambush. Due to the sneaky nature of Assassins they have an easier time surprising opponents. You can play it where only the Assassin is effected or the whole party. Up to you.
Lastly I had a heck of time trying to determine what the XP progression would look like. In the end I decided to simply use the same XP table as the thief or even the cleric if you think the XP progression should be a bit slower. Again up to you.
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