Gun Slinger

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Gun Slinger

Post Sun Feb 03, 2013 5:22 pm

Nightwulf asked for a Gun-Slinger Class, so here is some basic ideas for it.

Gun-Slinger: Warrior subclass or a class itself.
Ability Requirement: Dexterity 9.
Hit Dice: d6.
Weapon Allowed: Gunpowder (pistols, riffles, etc.).
Armors and Shields Allowed: None.
Attack Bonus and Saving Throws: As Fighters.
Special Abilities
-Fast Draw: By making a Paralysis ST he can draw his pistol and make an attack.
-Multi-shot: Something like extra attack but at a faster rate or letting the character to do extra shots at a certain cumulative penalty?
Sorry for any misspelling or writing error, I am not a native English speaker
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