Thief-Like Abilities

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Thief-Like Abilities

Post Thu Jun 27, 2013 9:46 am

Discussion of the Thief-Like Abilities document (Showcase Supplement).

This supplement summarizes the various thief abilities, including for classes such as Assassin, Ranger (my version), Bard, Jester... and using the modifiers found in other supplements (Thief Options, Equipment Supplement (armor section)). The various additional Races are included as well.

While it needs magnification for screen viewing (at least I need it), it makes a great print-out for someone using a thief character, one of the sub-classes, an alternate race thief, or some combination thereof.

This table is especially nice if one utilizes Thugs (a Thief sub-class found in the Additional Fighting Sub-Classes Supplement) whom have the unique ability to choose among thief abilities (including optionally having access to similar abilities found in other classes like Assassin Shadowing, Thief Tracking, etc.)
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