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Ars Magica "troop" Style on Morgansfort - All MU

Post Mon Apr 30, 2018 1:04 pm

Sharing this idea so to hear your experiences, insights or advices :)

I'm working on a new campaign and, as title says, I was compelled to try an Ars Magica style game (not in terms of actual rules) and to place it in Morgansfort, refluffing a bit of its past.

Now, I'm putting down some staples for the campaign. The compelling side of it is to use just BFRPG materials with no HR of mine. So, here's what I'd allow.

- Magic-User
- Elven Multiclass
- Fey Mage
- Healer
- Illusionist
- Necromancer
- Pyromancer
- Spellcrafter

- Magic Options... and here's the point: which ones?
I'd like to use the "basic but not so basic approach" adviced, but since it will be an Ars Magica kinda game, here's what we'll have: a group of moderate level mages (around 5-7) with tons of NPCs and a secondary group of "comites" (played by the players) which are basically diplomats, spies, whatever they'll like.

The core assumption is that they are rebuilding the stronghold once in possession of their "fathers/mothers", dead after the war against the empire. They asked the local nobles to give back the stronghold to their sons once and if they came back. That's the input.
The players came.

But the strongholds have tons of mysteries, hidden rooms and a huge "dungeon" including some secret libraries, something their parents couldn't mention in the testament... So they left some "clues". :)

So, a huge first chunk of the campaign of the mages will be about hiring people, selecting new guards, micro-managing resources and "exploring" their own stronghold!
In the meanwhile, the comites and other grogs will take care of the surroundings, make some politics and "hexcrawl".

It sounded pretty fun to me...

Now: which options should I use? Which one did you use in similar campaings, if any? I'd really like to let the mages "sit down" during downtimes in between their home adventures and managements, so I have an excuse to play some dungeon crawls and other BFRPG adventures (AA1 already used) with the alternate group.

Any insight/advice accepted!
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