A lite rules idea for 1e and maybe BF

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A lite rules idea for 1e and maybe BF

Post Tue Oct 09, 2018 7:33 am

Just playing with some ideas and inspiration I got from Index Card RPG. It may work for BF too. Just wondering what you guys think:

From time to time I look at my old 1e books and a wave of nostalgia comes over me and I long for those days in my friends basement torches and oil in hand. However, when I start reading, I realize how complicated the rules were and still are (I think we ignored a lot of them). So, I took some inspiration from many different sources and created a rules lite system to use with my old adventure modules. I don’t know if this will work for higher levels but feel that it would work for any of the beginning adventures, especially for a group new to old school RPGs.

Character Creation
Characters still have the same six characteristics but instead of rolling dice for each one, players are given three “bonus” points to assign to the six characteristics. They can only assign one point to any one characteristic for a beginning character. Each point will give them a plus one bonus on any roll that uses that characteristic.

Strength - bonus to melee attack and any feat of strength (open door etc). Bonus to damage. Characters must have a plus one strength to use a long sword and plus two to use a two handed sword. Similar restrictions could apply to war hammers etc.

Intelligence - bonus for finding secret doors; for magic users, one spell per day for each point. (give them one bonus spell to start and let them use two spells per day)

Wisdom - bonus for detecting traps; for clerics, one spell per day for each point (give them one bonus spell to start and let them use two spells per day)

Dexterity - bonus for ranged attacks, AC bonus for each point assigned, bonus for saving throws against any “physical” trap (pit, spear, anything involving reaction time). Bonus for thief skills.

Constitution - bonus to saving throws against poison, disease, etc. Plus 1d4 HP per bonus point assigned (only at character creation).

Charisma - bonus in any negotiations, leadership, etc. bonus to saving throw against any spell involving willpower, bonus for initiative. Clerics add plus one to their rolls for each point when turning the undead.

When creating a character one bonus point must be assigned to the prime requisite, Fighter: strength, Magic User: intelligence, Cleric: wisdom, Thief: dexterity.

Armor Class and attacks:
This is one point where 1e can be complicated, especially for someone who is used to playing with a system that uses ascending AC. To keep things simple, subtract the AC of any monster or Player character from 20 to determine the roll needed to hit. To balance things out, monsters get plus one bonus on their attacks for each hit die over one that they have (for example, a creature with 3 hit dice would attack with plus two to their roll).

Experience points:
For each 1500 points of experienced gained, characters are granted one bonus point they can apply to any characteristic. Characters can raise their prime requisite up to five points. All other characteristics can only be raised to a maximum of two points.
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Re: A lite rules idea for 1e and maybe BF

Post Tue Oct 09, 2018 10:33 am

Just to be clear, 1E is entirely and completely off topic here.
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