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Help with BrowserQuests Online RPG

Post Fri Jun 21, 2019 11:21 pm

I'm looking for volunteers to playtest an online RPG I've developed from scratch over the past five years called "BrowserQuests" ( I actually released this RPG under a similar name ("InfiniQuests") back in 2016, but other life challenges forced me to all but abandon the system for a few years. I've now totally rebuilt the game's graphical interface and I'm trying again, this time to determine whether the system is worth putting any more time into.

What I've attempted to do is basically bring the Basic Fantasy RPG system into an online environment where players can register an account and play through a potentially-limitless number of adventures. The "alpha" version of my system features a collection of individual quests that, put together, plays like a typical module (loosely built on a novel I wrote back in the day at The system utilizes a virtual game master to manage and control the overall experience, and while I used the Basic Fantasy ruleset as a foundation for the system, there are a lot of my own ideas embedded into the system as well (such as the introduction of "behaviors" as well as player character abilities to help give party members personality).

In addition to the player interface, I've also created an entire back-end of administrative forms to input data and control everything. I did this in order to potentially allow module authors to build their own quests within the system and allow players to go through those modules. In theory, a countless number of modules could be entered into the system that would allow players from all over the globe to play Basic Fantasy-based adventures!

For those of you willing to give the system a try, please be aware that this is a preliminary alpha version; everything should work, but the game will feel a bit slow, clumsy and unpolished at times. Ultimately, I want to try and determine two things: First, is the overall system worth additional time and attention, and Second, what should be improved in order to warrant continued development. For example, I know that the way the game processes player commands (utilizing a small collection of associated dropdown menus) is awkward and inefficient, but I can't figure-out a better way to do it--perhaps someone here within the forums might have some ideas.

So, for those of you willing to give my online system a try, please browse, click the "Register to Play" link ( ... gistration) near the bottom of the home page, verify your registration (requires a valid email address), browse the actual game itself at and have at it! Again, the game may feel a bit underwhelming at first so PLEASE spend some time with it and give the RPG a chance. Afterwards, respond to this post or post your own comments on the site's forums at Thanks, and enjoy!
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