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Thanks for the welcome wagon, everyone :)

Still working on writing up a first rough draft that'd actually be viable for consumption on here - though my focus is more on providing a sandbox world to RP in - rather than having dozens of already named NPCs in the setting and removing that focus of control from the DM. There would be examples of typical NPCs, of course; but rather then giving exact details it would highly encourage "Don't just follow what's written here. What do you think the single human bartender serving a makeshift village of hundreds of wood elves would look like, and how would he act?"

Building up a list of all the locations and towns that are known as well - But true to the previous ethos, there'd be a guideline stating "These are all that is known to those brave enough to look around, but if adventurers wander around there is the chance they may come across something forgotten by time. Feel free to improvise as needed."

What I'm thinking to add as well would be a 1 page recap on the basic abilities of each class and how those are utilized in the world; as well as the races that commonly find themselves as that class in order to give the reader some good background to build on. (Ex. Say a player decides they wish to be a wood elf. Often in the world fluff they are rangers and thieves, so perhaps they'd like to stick their wood elf to the common fluff; but there's nothing stating that they are not allowed to become a magic user or a cleric.)

Along with those, there'd be little fluff stories describing some common actions in a game: For that previous thought of class recaps, a recap of the ranger class would begin with a little story detailing a wood elf ranger following behind a particular target while staying hidden in the trees - It shows that rangers are capable of being pretty stealthy, and shows the mechanics of Favored Enemy at work. In that way, not only does it show off the abilities of a class; but also shows how that particular class is likely to be portrayed to a beginner.

At last there would be a small adventure within the Campaign Module, in a "Babie's 1st RPG" way. It would be a small dungeon or cave (perhaps both), and not particularly challenging, but there would be various traps and enemies to show off the basic mechanics of the game to a first time player. This would give them some decent understanding of the rules and a small bit of loot as well to begin with. Later adventure modules would be less forgiving and more plot driven, but this way a player can begin an actual adventure with a good grasp of what they are capable of doing.

Hopefully I'll having some material ready for review by the end of this next week. Thanks for the interest!
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