Your Funniest "I'll allow it" moments in BFRPG

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Your Funniest "I'll allow it" moments in BFRPG

Post Tue Sep 08, 2020 5:53 pm

Hey Guys and gals,

I was just thinking way back to a reddit post i saw years ago when i was getting into rpgs about your funniest "I'll allow it" moments as a Dm and with the community there has to be a few good ones!

I'll get the party started.

One time my buddies and I were running a campaign and they managed to subdue to a werewolf and they decided to bring it back to the jail for holding. problem was they were still adventuring and no one was watching the cell. So i allowed them to keep it there all alone but by the time they had come back to town (a week of adventuring later) they found the entire town had been taken over by werewolves as the one they captured broke free and turned more or less the entire town. needless to say all prep went out the window from that point out :lol:
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