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Map hosting Site

Post Wed Feb 22, 2012 11:40 pm

So one of the reasons I picked Obsidian Portal to be my campaign Wiki was because of its map functionality. You could upload a map and get a Google Map type interface with markers that linked back to the Wiki pages. However the more I used it, the less impressed I've become. It didn't matter what size your map was, after it was uploaded it was always the same size and at its maximum it was too small. Plus I hated the default markers, they were too big and didn't really fit the feel of an RPG map. Also your map had to be square or it would stretch which ever way was shorter, distorting your map. So I began to look for other sites that had similar functionality but with a bit more OOMPH.

Well today I found a website I really liked...

I was able to upload my map, odd-sized and all, with no distortion. The zoom in and out functionality worked great, and Its max zoom was actually zoomed in. The other thing I liked was you could use custom markers, you can either upload your own or they have boatload of public icons you can use. I used small dots for towns and places and a cool dungeon door icon for my adventure points. The markers allow you to use html code in them so I put links back to my wiki pages on OP and some of my direct links to the town maps.

So anyways here is my map hosted on the site:
Check out my BFRPG Campaign Setting
The Dragonclaw Barony
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