Some Help from my Open Office Brethren..

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Some Help from my Open Office Brethren..

Post Fri Jan 25, 2013 6:18 pm

Does anyone know where to shut Auto-format off from? Its driving me nuts that every time I hit enter on a line that contains a number it indents it and starts the next number..

Nevermind.. I did some googling and found that if you go to Format - Autocorrect and turn off 'while typing' this behavior goes away. The weird thing was when I did this.. it wiped half the formatting of the document I was working on out so I had to go back and re-apply.

Whats frustrating is when it does this crazy auto number and indent its called 'Auto-Format' yet its not referenced anywhere else as that.. to me auto-format and auto-correct are two different things..
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