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Character Roster

Post Thu Oct 25, 2012 8:54 pm

Post 'em when you got 'em.

(This post will also keep the XP tables)
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Re: Character Roster

Post Thu Oct 25, 2012 10:08 pm

Galen Criss
Half-Elf Male Bard 2
XP: 3,000 (+5% bonus, next: 3500) stats from #19, Str and Dex swapped

08 STR (-1) melee/thrown hit & damage, capacity 50 (light), 120 (heavy)
09 INT
12 WIS
18 DEX (+3) AC, Missile "to hit", Initiative
11 CON
14 CHA (+1) Reactions, 5 Retainers with 8 Morale

14 AC Dex +3
09 HP (rolls: 6@1st, 3@2nd)
+1 Attack Bonus Thief table (note extra +3 with missiles)
20' Movement heavy load (51.15 lb), light armor
30' Movement light load if backpack dropped (32.5 lb), light armor <--- currently this is move
30' Movement light load after 2 days rations gone (<49.15 lb), light armor

Saving Throws: Thief Table bonuses not applied
12 Death Ray or Poison
14 Magic Wands (+1 Half-Elf)
12 Paralysis or Petrify
15 Dragon Breath
14 Spells (+1 Half-Elf)

Human (common), Elvish, Goblini, (empty slot)

Racial and Class Abilities: Half-Elf Bard
Half-Elf: Darkvision 30 feet
Half-Elf: Secret Doors 1-2 on d6 (must search)
Half-Elf: +1 vs. Magic Wands and Spells
Bard: +2 vs. effects having to do with song, sound, music, etc.
Bard: Allowed Weapons - One handed melee weapons, S. Bow, Slings, L. Crossbow
Bard: 2 additional language slots (must be learned in-game)
Bard: Chosen Instrument - stringed (mandolin types)
Bard: Influence -1 penalty on foe's save (from Cha bonus)
Background: Innkeeper (perhaps including stable duties)

Bard Abilities (thief-like)
14 Decipher (14 base + 0% Int)
39 Listen (34 base + 0% Wis + 5% Half-Elf)
10 Lore (05 base + 0% Int + 5% Half-Elf)
30 Tumble (15 base +15% Dex)

Bard Songs 3 Ranks (+1 max)
Battle Song, defense (strophic) – (1 rank) While playing all allies within 60 feet receive the benefit of +1 on AC/rank.
Lock Picking Song (measures) – (1 rank) Assist roguish characters with Open Locks and in the Removal of Traps (but not location of such traps). +5% bonus/rank
Recall Song (lament) – (1 rank) Spell casters recall a previously cast 1st level spell after a period of 1 hour of meditation while the Bard plays. Additional Ranks = higher level spells (up to level 5 spells), but the spell casters may choose lower level spells if desired. Regardless, only one spell can be recalled per day.

Weapons and Equipment

Worn or Carried (not packed) = 32.5 lb
Galen's Elf Charm worth 20gp (**)
Leather Armor (15#) AC13
Silver Dagger (in boot) (S, 1#) 1d4 (-1 str) damage, melee AB -1
Short Bow (S, 2#), 1d6 damage, ranged AB +X (50 +1, 100 +0, 150 -2)
Quiver of 20 Short bow Arrows, Silver Tipped (1# +2# arrows= 3#)
Quiver of 20 Short bow Arrows (1# +2# arrows= 3#)
Mandolin, w/ shoulder strap (estimated 50gp worth, 8#)
Map/Scroll Case (.5#)
Paper x5 (**)

Backpack (*) contents = 18.65 lb
Common Clothing (1#)
Entertainer's Outfit (1#)
Tinderbox/Flint (1#)
Whetstone (1#)
Dry Rations, 1 week (14#)
Music Book/Ledger/Journal (tome, blank Emporium) (.25#)
Quill (.1#)
Ink (.1#)
Potion of Healing (.1#)
Potion of Growth (.1#)

Money and Valuables initial funds 400gp, spent 365.1gp
xxx pp
034 gp
xxx ep
009 sp
xxx cp

Background and Bio:
Galen Criss began life rather un-remarkably despite his heritage. Like something out of a fairy tale, he was unceremoniously left on the doorstep of a prominent family who kept an inn where he was raised as one of their own. As best as can be guessed, an elf maid gave birth to the Galen, but realizing the strife and belittling he would suffer amongst the haughty elves, decided to put him with a human family instead. Galen has no knowledge of his elf family, nor even his elfin name. He has only a small unremarkable charm with an elf symbol upon it that he wears upon his wrist.

The Criss Family Inn, while typical, is a fairly large inn for the region and often hosts entertainers of various kinds. While growing up, Galen always took special interest in these vibrant visitors and imagined the life of travel and adventure they must have. Galen assisted such entertainers in whatever manner he could in between his inn-keeping duties. He kept musical journals, collected sheet music, and practiced his singing whenever he could. One winter (when guests are sparse), Galen studied with a mentor, a bard named Stephen, who was staying at the inn during the cold season. By the end of the winter, Galen had the basics of the trade and had taken on the title of Bard.

Galen's human family was initially dismayed at his choice to not take up inn-keeping directly, as they were hoping that Galen would run the family business at some point in the future. However, they ultimately understood that Galen was special and needed to experience some of the world in order to realize the virtues of settled life and a stable profession. Whether he learns this lesson remains to be seen. While Galen wants to learn of the bigger world and find adventure, he secretly longs to know more of his elf heritage. Having nothing to go on besides his charm, he just decides to head out and see if he can find some random bit of evidence that he can follow up on.

Galen Criss favors human features and his upbringing among humans has likewise given him mostly human mannerisms and inclinations. He is naturally charismatic and enjoys the attention of admirers. He has blue eyes of a shade that is not generally seen in the local population, and he has light brown hair. He is a tad shorter and slighter than his human friends, but his generally friendly demeanor means that he has always had his backside looked after by others who are protective of him. Galen tends to wear outdoorsy styles of clothing, browns and greens being most common. He generally sings of topics such as travelers, forests, and maidens needing rescue.
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Re: Character Roster

Post Thu Oct 25, 2012 11:10 pm

Elf Female Magic-User 2
XP: 3,000 next: 5000) stats from #10, Wis and Con swapped

11 STR capacity 60 (light), 150 (heavy)
17 INT (+2)
10 WIS
14 CON (+1)
12 CHA 4 Retainers with 7 Morale

11 AC
10 HP (rolls: 5@1st, 5@2nd)
+1 Attack Bonus
40' Movement light load (25.3 lbs), p.36

Saving Throws: M-U Table
13/12 Death Ray or Poison (+1 Elf, Poison)
12 Magic Wands (+2 Elf)
12 Paralysis or Petrify (+1 Elf)
15 Dragon Breath
14/12 Spells (+2 Elf, Illusion Magic)

Elvish, Human (common), Archaean, (empty slot)

Racial and Class Abilities: Elf Magic-User
Elf: Darkvision 60 feet
Elf: Secret Doors 1-2 on d6 (must search)
Elf: Secret Doors 1 on d6 (cursory glance)
Elf: Immune to paralyzing attack of ghouls
Elf: +1 vs. Paralysis or Petrify
Elf: +2 vs. Magic Wands and Spells

Magic-User Cantrips and Spells

Read Magic
Hold Portal
Magic Missile

Money and Valuables initial funds 400gp, spent 84gp, 1sp
0 pp
315 gp
0 ep
9 sp
0 cp

Weapons and Equipment
Worn or Carried (not packed) = 2 lbs
Dagger 1d4
Shuriken (10) 1d3

Backpack (*) contents = 23.3 lb
Rations, 1 week - 14 lbs
Bandages (10) - 1 lb
Wineskin - 2 lbs
Hand Mirror - .1 lb
Scroll Case - .5 lb
Parchment (5)
Ink & Quill - .1 lb
Glass Vial - .1 lb
Chalk, bag of pieces - .1 lb
Soap, perfumed - 1 lb
Perfume - .1 lb
Silk Rope (100') - 4 lbs
Large Sack - .1 lb
Small Sack (2) - .2 lb

Background and Bio:
Saeloria comes from a long line of Magic-Users. Her father, and his father before him and so on, is an advisor to Gunnar Thiamond, ruler of the Empire of the Rune. Family folklore claims that her family are descendants of the Archaeans and her parents were very adamant that she learn the language. While she is fluent in it, she wonders if the stories are true as she has never yet met anyone else who speaks it.

Growing up every waking moment was spent learning magic and everything to do with magic. She was a very quick study and soaked up everything that she was taught. Since her studies were effortless she became bored very easily and eventually grew tired of the palace life. This led to much “experimentation” and resulted in numerous accidents from miscast spells. With her father becoming more and more exasperated with her shenanigans, he was relieved, although he would never admit it, when she announced that she was leaving to begin a life of adventure.

Having been raised around royalty and being an only child, she does have a stubborn streak and a palace-sized attitude. While she finds the adventuring life exciting and invigorating, she can be a diva at times and will bathe and primp herself whenever possible, making sure she is always well-stocked with soaps and perfumes.

Several events have combined to bring her out into the Wildlands – her sense of adventure and boredom of palace life, curiosity aroused by the rumours of rising tensions throughout the land, and the desire to ascertain whether or not the stories of her ancestors are actually true.
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Re: Character Roster

Post Fri Oct 26, 2012 12:18 pm

I left the equipment prices so I can check the figures again later, otherwise I think I'm done.

Selene Marchand
Human Female Thief 3
XP: 3000 next: 5000

13 STR (+1) capacity 65 (light), 165 (heavy)
12 INT
06 WIS (-1)
17 DEX (+2)
10 CON
15 CHA (+1) 5 Retainers with 8 Morale

15 AC (13 leather + 2 dex bonus)
11 HP
+2 Attack Bonus +2 Ranged
40' Movement (~56lbs load) light load

Saving Throws (Thief table)
12 Death Ray or Poison
14 Magic Wands
12 Paralysis or Petrify
15 Dragon Breath
14 Spells

Human (common)

Class Abilities (Thief)
Open Locks 35
Remove Traps 30
Pick Pockets 30
Move Silently 40
Climb Walls 82
Hide 25
Listen 38
Sneak Attack +4 Attack Bonus, double damage

Money and valuables
52 gp
8 sp

Leather 13AC 15lbs

Weapons and Equipment
Short sword 3lbs 1d6
Defending Dagger 2lbs 1d4
Shortbow 2lbs
Arrows x20 2lbs 1d6
Quiver 1lbs

Backpack contents = 30.4lbs
Chalk, small bag of pieces 0.1lbs
Grappling hook 4lbs
Hemp Rope 50' 5lbs
Candles (12) 1.2lbs
large sack 0.1lbs
thieves' tools 1lbs
whetstone 1lbs
bandages x10 1lbs
tinder box, flint and steel 1lbs
1 wk dry rations 14lbs
waterskin 2lbs
Potion of xxx
Potion of xxy
Scroll of xxx

Travel clothes
(boots, trousers, belt, shirt, cloak, hood

Background and Bio
Background: merchant
Specialty: Scout

Selene is the daughter of merchant parents. Her parents traded mundane household items at their shop. Growing up, Selene spent many hours helping out and learning the family business. The work came naturally to her, she was good with customers and good with figures.
She learned that she was good at a lot of other things, too. If she wanted, she could move so silently that she would appear as if out of nowhere and take someone by surprise. It amused her greatly to play this prank on her family, who were perhaps not so amused. During her spare time at the shop she would test the locks on the doors and strongboxes, then announce her findings to her parents. She would also often spot the pickpockets and shoplifters trying their luck at the shop.
When not at the shop, Selene spent time with friends, among whom she was quite popular. She was also very interested in history and magic, though she learned very little of these, for there was no one in the town to answer her questions, nor was there a library. Thus did she happily spend her childhood, either with friends, at the shop, or wondering about the world.
Then the time came for her to choose a trade or a husband. Her parents hoped she would continue the family business, but though she found it easy, it was also dull and uninspiring. The local thieves guild discreetly tried to recruit her, but ironically, she loathed thieves and thugs. Marriage was out of the question. Eventually, Selene attracted the attention of a recruiter for the Foreign Service. Seizing the opportunity to travel, she joined up. That was over a year ago. Her family haven't heard from her since.
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Re: Character Roster

Post Fri Oct 26, 2012 1:09 pm

Muddle Underdock 
Halfling Cleric/Thief 2
XP: 3,000 next: 5500) stats from #14, Int and Dex swapped

13  STR
9  INT
11  WIS 
16  DEX (+2)
17  CON (+2) 
5  CHA (-2) 2 Retainers with 5 Morale

17 AC  (16 when not using off hand in defense)
13 HP
+1 Attack Bonus;
  Melee: Attack +2, Damage +1
  Range: Attack +4 (SR +5, LR+2), Damage +1 if thrown

30' Movement (leather) light load (55#), 20' heavy (110#)
Currently: 44.05 lbs

Saving Throws: cleric/thief Table 
10 Death Ray or Poison (+4 Halfling) 
11 Magic Wands (+4 Halfling) 
12 Paralysis or Petrify (+4 Halfling) 
15 Dragon Breath (+3 Halfling)
14 Spells (+4 halfling) 

Thief Abilities % (thief skills p. 142):
50 Open Locks (10%)  
35 Find/Remove traps (10%) 
50 Pick Pockets  
45 Move Silently
81 Climb Walls (10%) 
20 Hide
34 Listen
Armor effect: No Armor +10%, Chain -20%, Plate -40%

Vs. Undead (+1 if Hallow used) 
11 Skeleton 
15 Zombie 
18 Ghoul 
20 Wight

Halfling, Human (common)

Racial and Class Abilities: Halfling Cleric/Thief 
+1 range attack bonus
+2 AC when attacked by creatures larger than man-sized
+1 to initiative
90/70% hide outdoors/indoors (or non-preferred terrain)

Cleric Spells & Orisons
Cure Light Wounds
Meal Blessing

Money and Valuables: initial funds 400gp, spent 248 gp, 6 sp
0 pp
5 gp
0 ep
2 sp 
0 cp 

Weapons and Equipment 
Worn or Carried (not packed) = 16.25 lbs
$ Wt.
Studded Leather 30 6.25
Silver† Dagger 25 1
Warhammer 5 6
Short Bow
Arrows (17) 1.7 1.7
Silver Arrows (3) 6 0.3
Quiver 1 1

Backpack (*) contents = 27.8 lb
Weapon Belt, Large Pouch 7 0
Bandages (10) 0.1 0.1
Candles (12) 1 0.1
Chalk, colored, bag of pieces 4 0.1
Crowbar (3') 2 5
Grappling Hook 2 4
Holy Symbol 25 0.1
Holy Water (2 ) 20 0.2
Iron Spikes (12) 1 1
Mirror, silver 25 0.1
Oil Flasks (4) 4 4
Elven Waybread (7 days) 35 7
Rope, silk, 50' 10 2
Thieves Pick and tools 25 1
Tinder Box, Flint & steel 3 1
Torches (6) 1 1
whetstone 1 1
Parchment (2) 2 0
Ink and Quill 8 0.1

Magic Items:
Potion of Speed
Potion of Plant Control

Background and Bio:

Muddle Underdock was born in the village of Quant-By-Lake in the far south of the Shire. Quant-by-Lake's location on a lake that emptied into the South-To-Elfland River made it a busy Trading Post between the Shire and the Otherlands. Muddle's mother was a skullery maid in the town Inn and his father was one of the few halfkind to make a living gambling and traveling with the Otherpeople. Muddle never met his father who went off adventuring and never returned. His mother did his best for him but she died while he was still young during the Great Sweet Potato Blight. The Inn Keeper , a human, allowed Muddle to live in the old ramshackle boathouse under the wharf in exchange for scut work around the Inn.

Muddle, still of an age when most lads were sneaking cookies from their mums cookie jar, soon learned that the Innkeeper was a bit of a scoundrel. At first, he simply used the halfling child to ease drop on his customers, but later he had him rummage through their belongings for valuables. Muddle was a happy lad as he learned more and more about the scoundrel trade. Under the tutelage of the Innkeeper he learned to pick the simple locks people used on their baggages and how to slit a purse open and be gone before the mark knew it was missing. He was eating well and a nearly dry home to sleep in. Then one day a heist went bad and the Innkeeper was killed in the fracas that followed. It seems a powerful wizard was masquerading as a simpleton bard and didn't take kindly to the Innkeepers ways. The ensuing fireball not only fricasseed the innkeeper but it engulfed the entire Inn before it burned out. Muddle's face was badly scarred by the flames and he just barely crawled to the lakeside before he lost consciousness.

When he awoke he found an aged and smelly human, wearing tattered robes, chanting over his wounds. Though they healed fast the scarring never went away. His mouth and cheeks were pulled tight and stretyched his scarred and shriveled skin downward. His eyebows were permantly burned away and a jagged scar from a falling timber made hash out of his forehead. The skin around his eyes pulled up and away to stretch them into ovals that tapered to a point on either side. Overall, his face had the appearance of a death mask of some heinous demon. The cleric took him under his wing and trained him in the ways of his God. They left the Shire and Muddle soon learned that the Otherlands were in a state of chaos from the orc wars. Starvation was everywhere and the people had little to give to a traveling pair of clerics. The healing abilities of the old man was in great demand, but the noblemen of whatever village they found themselves in would always demand their service first to the detriment of the people. Young Muddle found in his heart the presence of God and that presence encouraged him to take what he could from these noblemen while the Old man worked, and redistribute it to the people who needed it most. He soon found that his old skills worked hand in hand with his new purpose in life.

Over time prosperity returned to the land and the crops became plentiful. Muddle still stole from the rich, but less and less went to the poor. The old man finally grew to old to travel and retired to an abbey. Muddle still sent money back to support him and he still made contributions to the temples he passed, but mostly, Muddle was just wandering. He was without purpose and he was looking for that one thing that would make his faith burn as bright as the sun.
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Re: Character Roster

Post Mon Oct 29, 2012 6:11 pm

Hamish Wolfwynn
Human Fighter, Male
XP: 3,300

13 Str +1 65/165
12 Int
11 Wis
13 Dex +1
14 Con +1
09 Cha

AC 18 (17 w/o buckler)
HP 18
Attack Bonus +2 (+3 melee/+3 missile)
Movement 20'

Saving Throws:
11 Death Ray or Poison
12 Magic Wands
14 Paralysis or Petrify
15 Dragon Breath
16 Spells


Racial and Class Abilities:
Weapon Specialization: Spear, rank 1 (+1/+0)


Weapons and Equipment
Spear (1d6 thrown/1h melee, 1d8 2h melee)
Banded Mail
Weapon Belt
Large Pouch
3 Daggers (1d4)
Silver Dagger (1d4)
1 Dagger (1d4) on outside of pack
Chalk, small bag of pieces
Grappling hook
Hemp Rope (100')
Lantern, hooded
Oil (3 flasks)
Tent, Small (one man)
Rations, 14 days
Waterskin, 1 gallon size

Money and Valuables
124 GP

Background and Bio:
Hamish comes from the hill country. He is the fourth son in his family, and stand to inherit nothing; rather than starting a homestead in some wild country, he's decided to go out into the world and try to make his fortune. He has worked as a caravan guard, as a bodyguard, and as a mercenary, but he isn't good about following orders so he's been fired from all his jobs so far. He figures it's their loss.
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