RED OAK: Return to the Pass of the Hounds

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Re: RED OAK: Return to the Pass of the Hounds

Post Wed Jun 17, 2015 7:43 pm

The box was on a stone ledge and has fallen off at some point. It has a locked panel at the top and she is not sure of it trapped or not. Anna isn't either. It does seem to contain coins, quite a few of them.

Tiana has no idea at all what the elvish gate device was like, but doubts they would be a mirror. She had always pictured it as an arched doorway, possibly formed from tree branches.

Everyone stares cautiously at the mirror. It's difficult to tell what is going on. Kilian and Bruce think it is showing a reflection of things that aren't there. Abigall confirms it is HIGHLY magical, of the green (natural) variety.

Anna pipes up..."I'ts another one of these robots! It's not moving. It looks like it's in a completely different room! Look, there's other stuff in there behind it as well..."

After a few more moments, Tiana can see that too. It looks like the mirror is actually a door that opens out onto another large room beyond, which has a robot and what looks like a large table against a far wall with numerous small objects on it, including a lantern. Difficult to tell what's going on until you get closer....
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Re: RED OAK: Return to the Pass of the Hounds

Post Wed Jun 17, 2015 11:38 pm

Talin will pick up a pebble and throw it into the mirror, expecting it to go through. Pretty much, everyone is expecting that, but Talin is the first one to attempt it. If the pebble falls through and the golem doesn't activate, the party will go through (but I'll give more specifics on how, and Kilian's dwarven heritage won't be able to leave the box of coins behind -- so just giving you extra time to plan).

Any chance Elizabeth of Abertawe is about to come flying through? :)
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Re: RED OAK: Return to the Pass of the Hounds

Post Wed Jun 17, 2015 11:58 pm

Talin critically fails with the pebble and hits Freya in the head, fatally wounding her. Luckilly, Elizabeth of Abertawe comes flying through and uses her newly-found healing power to save the day.


The pebble, indeed, goes through the surface of the mirror. No sound is heard as it lands on the other side. The robot to the north of the mirror on the other side does not animate.

As the party prepare to step though to the mysterious looking wizard's lair on the other side of the mirror: Tiana gets a close look at it. Her history roll is a 19.

The writing - very ancient Elvish indeed, from well before the goblins came - says:

A Gift to the People of Mundina from the Elves of Moon
From the Pass of the Hounds to the Glade of Spires.

She recognises the Glade of Spires as being a holy place for the early humans, not the Well of Three Souls, but somewhere that the druids of Mundina held sacred. She doesn't know exactly what the Glade was, but it seems unlikely that it is what lies on the other side of the mirror, right now.

There is a medium sized room there, with several old chests and all manner of other smaller items on the table beyond the mirror.

Meanwhile, Kilian investigates the old donation box and thinks there's nothing that good sharp whack with the back of his axe wouldn't fix. Unless it is isn't magical, however.

To simplify the historical context:

Mundina - a human kingdom with a Druidic (natural) religion, long before the Church of the Very True God evolved and before the goblins came. Allied with the Moon Elves and the dwarves.

Salen - another human kingdom who used extraplanar magic. Enemies of Mundina. The ones who seem to have invented lycanthrope.

This place was originally built for Mundina by the dwarves, but was then occupied by Salen wizards - possibly several times...and then the goblins came.

Clear as mud?

Anyway, you have found a teleporter / gate.

8000exp. Let's talk about going up a level.

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