Ah Aerth. In merry ol' Angland, King Ithwyrd lies old and feeble on his bed in Lyndon-Upon-Tems. Despite this all is well. The succession is assured and the land prospers. But something is coming that has not been seen since before the fall of the last dragon for it is... the season of the mist.

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On Khats

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A Khat is a Lynx-like sentient feline with psionic abilities.
It has Hit Dice of 1d6 per level and uses the thief attack tables. It can do one attack per turn with either teeth (1d6) or claws (1d4).
Due to it's size it's max STR and CON are 8. A Khat must have a minimum of CHA 13.

A Khat prefers to hunt and kill prey to eat and if it does so it temporarily increases it's CON to 9 for no more than 8 hours. When this happens it temporarily gains the difference in Hit Points it would have had if it's CON weren't 8 (IE: 1 Hit Point / character level.

After fresh kill a Khat prefers properly butchered meat followed by vegetables and fruits if it must. It finds carrion and anything rotted or spoiled or fermented revolting. Caffeine is poisonous to Khats. An 8 ounce cup of normal strength coffee will cause a Khat 1d4 points of damage. Cat nip is intoxicating to a Khat and one bite of it is equivalent to drinking one beer.

A Khat's psionic abilities are powered by it's force of personality and in extreme cases by it's body's energy. These two are represented by CHA and CON. A Khat has 1 point of psionic energy for each point of CHA it has and 1 point for each point of CON (EG: A Khat with a CHA of 13 and a CON of 12 would have 25 psionic energy points) however for every point of CON a Khat uses it takes 1 point of subdual damage. If a Khat's CON psionic energy points fall to zero the Khat loses consciousness.

A Khat has inate "transceiver telepathy". This form of telepathy is limited to sending thoughts that can be heard by the sentient being the Khat is sending them to and can only hear thoughts that are being sent to it either by another Khat or by a sentient if it is concentrating on the Khat while thinking to it. A Khat cannot read minds nor can it sense emotion or the presence of a sentient being.

A Khat has a number of skills equal to the total of the bonus points of it's INT and WIS scores (IE: if a Khat has a INT of 16 and a WIS of 13 it would be able to learn 3 psionic skills).

Psionic skills have levels as any other class has levels so that they increases in potency as they go up.

Psionic skills are:

Healing - Can heal 1 point of damage per point per level.
Psychokinesis - Move 1 ounce per second per 10' per level.
Psychometry - Obtain information about a sentient being that used an object up to one day in the past per level.
Remote Viewing - See and hear through walls or other material objects as though they weren't there at a range of 100' per level.

A Khat has no desire to own things and it avoids places like cities as a result unless in the company of a human or demi-human companion.

A Khat cannot pursue any of the character classes as it is it's own class.
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Map of Fweth Tunnels

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