Ah Aerth. In merry ol' Angland, King Ithwyrd lies old and feeble on his bed in Lyndon-Upon-Tems. Despite this all is well. The succession is assured and the land prospers. But something is coming that has not been seen since before the fall of the last dragon for it is... the season of the mist.

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{picture soon}

Name: Elifain Treeshadow
Class: Scout
Race/Gender: Elf/Male

Description: Elifain is plain, plain in that in any elven society he looks like the commoners. In human society he appears as all elves do to humans in that they are lithe and delicate and beautiful. His long hair is left to blow in the wind and unfettered by bands or ties. He is tall for his race and heavier from years spent outdoors with bow and swords.

Age: 203 years
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 140lbs
Build: Average by human standards
Face: Average looking but well tanned.
Hair: Sun bleached blonde, waist length.
Eyes: Green
Ears: Pointed
Skin: Tanned

Typical Outfit:
Brown tanned leather armor shaded in random patches to aid in hiding in the forest. The outfit is cut and tailored to fit snug but allow for ease of movement.

Eli is better at ease in the trees or forest like all of his folk. He shuns society as a cesspool of debauchery and decadence. His parents are well off and high in elven society and he could have easily taken his place in that arena if not for his desire to be out and about with the animals. His penchant for adventure has landed him in hot water more than once. He recently picked up a longbow and a pair of shortswords from a companion and has spent the last few years learning to use them (without telling his parents) and hopes to make a name for himself outside the elven hierarchy and return with tales to tell.

STR: 9 (+/-0)
INT: 9 (+/-0)
DEX: 18 (+3)
WIS: 11 (+/-0)
CON: 9 (+/-0)
CHA: 9 (+/-0)

Level: 1
XP: 0/1500
HP: 6
18 wielding one weapon (15 Base from armor, +3 dex)
19 dual wielding (15 Base from armor, +3 dex, +1 dual wield as a Scout)

Melee +1 with light weapons (+1 base)
Melee dual wielding +0 primary weapon, -2 secondary weapon
Ranged +6 (+1 base, +2 Scout, +3 dex,)

Movement: 30 (light load, leather armor)

Death/Poison: 13 (13 base)
Wands: 12 (14 base, -2 elf)
Para/Petra: 12 (13 base, -1 elf)
Dragon Breath:16 (16 base)
Spells: 13 (15 base, -2 elf)

Special Abilities:
Elf abilities
Dark vision 60'
Find secret doors 1-2 on 1d6
Immune to paralyzing touch of ghouls

Scout abilities:
Move Silent- 25%
Hide- 10%
Listen- 30%
Open Locks- 10%
Track- 40%
Detect Traps- 10%

+2 attack bonus using any bow other than crossbow
Level 5 fire three arrows every other round
Level 9 fire 2 arrows per round
Dual wield with light weapons, the off hand weapon adds +1 to armor class, the primary weapon suffers no penalties
If attacking with both weapons the primary weapon suffers a -2 to hit while the secondary weapon suffers a -5
If operating alone or 30' from the group a scout surprises foes on a 1-3 on 1d

Backpack* 32/35lbs capacity
*1 week rations- 10sp, 14lbs
*Silk rope, 50'- 10sp, 2lbs

Weapon Belt/Large Belt pouch**
**Tinderbox, Flint/Steel- 3sp, 1lb
**Water skin- 1sp, 2lbs

Armor and Weapons
Halfling Leather armor- 20sp, 15lbs, 15AC
Long Bow- 60sp, 3lbs, ranges 70 (+1) 140 (+0), 210 (-1)
Arrows (20), 20cp, 1d8 damage- 2gp, 2lbs
Short Sword (2), 1d6 damage- 12sp, 3lbs

Weight: 42lbs
Encumbrance: Lightly Loaded
Coin: 4sp/6cp
Oypeen- 30/30 Hp AC 24
Rykken- 24/24 Hp AC 20
Hermia- 39/39 Hp AC 18/20
Giovanni-40/40 Hp AC 22
Ravoneth-35/35 Hp AC 18
Maephina-30/30 Hp AC 16/18 ... &mapid=360

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