Chapter One: The Star and the Sylvan Sea

Ah Aerth. In merry ol' Angland, King Ithwyrd lies old and feeble on his bed in Lyndon-Upon-Tems. Despite this all is well. The succession is assured and the land prospers. But something is coming that has not been seen since before the fall of the last dragon for it is... the season of the mist.

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Re: Chapter One: The Star and the Sylvan Sea

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As the dawn sun rises in the east the shores of Angland are close at hand and the shapes of the buildings and walls of Caerton, though small, are clear to see.

There is a bit of eagerness in the movement of the sailors as they prepare the Sylvan Sea to enter the city's inner harbor even though they know their visit will last only long enough to offload their passengers and cargo and take on whatever is immediately to hand while doing so.

The Captain comes on deck and gives a quick but thorough glance at the ship and her trim while the first mate and bosun make their way to him with their reports. There is a short conversation and then the bosun steps to the side and starts to bellow commands.

The Sylvan Sea heaves smartly to, her prow pointing directly towards Caerton and the sailors aloft and at the lines pull and tug at the sails to keep them from flapping as the ship makes her final tack.

Time passes and the sails are furled as the ship is brought past the outer harbor and on into the inner area where lines are cast to men waiting on the docks to help pull the ship to her berth.

The ship is finally alongside the pier, she is moored snugly and the gangway is lowered.

The door in the aft castle opens and Shaha emerges dressed in a brown hooded cloak with her feet in simple sandals. Seeing the Captain she goes to him and has a short low voiced conversation which ends in a hug and a sound kiss on his lips. Captain Galway turns beet red and Shaha gives him a wink and a mischievous grin before leaving his side and making her way to where the adventurers have gathered. "I am in your hands" she says quietly.

Captain Galway comes up and says, "Thank you for taking on this quest. I have here a map of Caerton which I give to you. It is not much but it may save you a little time. For payment I have arranged that, if you go to the 'Tallow and Tinder' shop and ask for a man named Tamerlind he will provide you with such items as you might find useful. Take care of Shaha and...beware of her. She has a tendency to indulge in mischievous acts and like all her people is at times...improper." He gives a nod then and rejoins the first mate.

The gangway stands open and the city of Caerton lies before you...

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