Chapter 4a: Battle in the Dunes

A PbP version of J.D Neal's Lost World setting

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Re: Chapter 4a: Battle in the Dunes

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Maroo is on the ship, sticking her head up over the gunwale.

There is no need for further violence or threats. Enough blood has been spilled already in this terrible place! There are only a few pirates remaining and they have agreed to join us in an attempt to sail. But that is still a few days away!

There is strong resistance from Maroo and to others to anyone being locked up pr punished. (Some bad reaction rolls for Rostam didn't help, sorry).

It turns out the captain and 3 other remaining crew have already been set free. There are 2 uninjured pirates helping them with repairs - another few days worth remain to be done. Ash and Farhan (2 higher-ranking pirates) are in a sick-bay area being healed from their injuries. All pirate weapons have been confiscated and are under guard.

You now have the ship. The cleric Elias can perform Raise Dead on Maju, which seems to be the party decision.

Maju, you are raised. You come in at the bottom of 4th level and get the exp coming to you.

Treasure: there is 30 thousand gp worth of treasure on the ship, designed for trade in Salaya. There's your exp dump.

Rostam - you can have your Ring of Infravision back and also your scimitar. Farhan had the ring, and the lizard man Ash had the scimitar.

EXP time. Check the hollow log.

New chapter coming soon.

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