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Re: Characters (Post Them Here)

Post Sun Oct 25, 2015 1:50 pm

Name: Sonja Reis (BLACK SONJA)
Class: Ranger
Race: Persian
Level: 5 (32,000 / 35,200 XP)

Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 135#
Tattoos: Yes (tbd)
pirate_captain_by_ogilvie-d47revl.jpg (31.98 KiB) Viewed 5715 times
AC: 16 (Studded leather 14, Dex +2)
BAB: +4
HP: 38/38
Move: 30'/rd

Str 15 (+1 to hit, +1 damage)
Int 10
Wis 11
Dex 17 (+2 initiative, +2 missile fire, +2 AC)
Con 16 (+2 hit points)
Chr 12

Ranger abilities
Move Silently : 45%
Hide : 30%
Tracking : 56%
+3 damage against pirates (favored enemy)

Saving throws:
Death ray or Poison : 11 (+2 vs poison)
Magic Wands : 11
Paralysis or Petrify : 13
Dragon Breath : 14
Spells : 15

Weapon 1: Longbow (bone), 1d8, +8 to hit, 3/2 attack (quality)
Weapon 2: Great scimitar, 1d10, +5 to hit (quality)
Weapon 3: Scimitar, 1d8, +5 to hit (quality)
Weapon 4: Hand axe, 1d6+1, +6 to hit, range 10/20/30
Weapon 5: Dagger, 1d4+1, +5 to hit (defending dagger is quality)

--- Weapons ---
Bone bow slung across her back (120gp, 3#)
Great scimitar slung across her back (20gp, 10#)
Scimitar (left handed) (20gp, 4#)
Bone defending dagger, jeweled hilt (right handed) (4gp, 2#)
Hand axe (4gp, 5#)
Boot knife (x2) (2x2gp, 2x1#)

--- Apparel ---
Black studded leather armor (60gp, 25#)
Swashbuckler's outfit (plumed hat, cape, ...) (30gp, 1#)
Hidden compartment in boots (210gp in assorted gems; 3x50gp, 3x20gp)
Ruby studs (earrings) (3x100gp, -)
Ruby ring (50gp, -)
Gold ring (15gp, -)
Gold hair clasp (50gp)
Ring of X-Ray vision

--- Equipment ---
- Large sack (1gp, -)
2 baldrics (2x8sp, 2x1#)
Scabbard (for scimitar)
Quiver and 20 arrows (1gp, 2#)
Hunter's horn (5gp, 1#)
- Lantern (8gp, 2#)
- 4 flasks of oil (3gp, 4#)
- Tinderbox (3gp, 1#)
- 4 days waybread (35gp, 7#)
- Magnetized needle (1gp, -)
- Wineskin with whiskey (1gp, 1#)
- Silver flute (17gp, 1#)
- Silver mirror (25gp, -)

- Assorted coins
- Silver flask with whiskey (20gp, -)
- Extra bowstrings (1gp, -)
- Dice (2 d6, honest) (10sp, -)
- Cards (honest) (5gp, -)

64.5# w/o pack (65# max)
97# w/pack (+39#) (165# max)
Money left: (5pp, 12gp, 20sp)

Background: Sailor
Sonja is a daughter of a Turkish (Byzantine) Legatus. When she turned twelve, she chose to join the Roman navy, much to her father's surprise. After swabbing decks, stitching sails, and otherwise learning sea life, she eventually rose to the rank of captain in the Imperial Roman Navy. Her most notable command was to ensure safe trade in the eastern Mediterranean, and suppressing the occasional pirate raid or local revolt that occurred occasionally. In the sack of Jericho by pirates, she lost her ship, barely escaped with her life, and saw her husband hanged by pirates. She rejoined a relief force and fought to liberate Jericho, and swore vengeance against all pirates -- not just for her husband's murder, but for all the brutality done to the inhabitants of Jericho.

With the increased pressure by Arab invaders along the southern coast, the Roman Empire eventually ceded more control to the local governments and pulled back imperial units closer to Constantinople. Sonja left the navy and took up a more itinerant life,. her travels taking her through Asia as far as Cathay. Along the way, she has built up a reputation as a pirate killer. She decided to go to Salaya Sole partly because she had heard piracy was particularly prevalent in that area.

(11/11: +590+59 xp)
(11/19: bump to 32000 for successfully running away from everything during the interlude)
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Re: Characters (Post Them Here)

Post Tue Oct 27, 2015 8:13 am

FORMER VERSION OF MAJU - the one who died...

Name: Majutsu-Ishiku (Maju)
Class: Magic-User
Race: Asiatic
Level: 5 (32,000 / 40,000 XP)
HP: 14 (17 when his falcon, Taku, is within 120’)
Current HP: 17/17 (14/14 w/o Taku)


Description : Majutsu-Ishiku (Maju for short) hails from the mountains of the eastern islands of Kona-Toro. He was raised in a small village whose economy depended heavily on the nearby quarry that produced much sought-after stone blocks; the naturally dense stone was used in the famous Dojoyo Castle, among other well-known regional emplacements. Unfortunately for Maju, he was rendered physically weak by a witch’s curse on his mother while she was pregnant with him. In an economy that depended on a man’s ability for physical labor, Maju became an outcast in his home village. He was mistreated and derided by all, including his own family, essentially filling the role of village whipping boy. For his own survival, Maju learned how to beg for food by relating to others and to manipulate them, increasing his own Charisma in spite of his low position. His only joy, and escape from his persecutors, was going to the high mountain near the village where he befriended a pair of falcons by feeding them scraps of meat, even though he had little to spare.

Unbeknownst to all, the witch’s curse on Maju’s mother had the additional effect of imparting to Maju an unusual connection to the magical and arcane. Maju began to realize this when he was an adolescent. The only local scholar took pity on Maju and began to tutor and mentor him in exchange for his help in the small village library and records office. Once the scholar trusted Maju, he revealed that he was actually a mountain sorcerer, and that he had sensed Maju’s natural arcane abilities. The villagers were suspicious of any magic, especially after their experiences with the tormenting witch, so Maju resisted. Still, the scholar was his only friend, so he indulged the elder’s desire to teach him. One day while being beaten, and desperate to make it stop, Maju used one of the spells to convince the bully that Maju was his trusted friend. The spell worked so well, that the bully began to act as Maju’s body guard. This was a new power that Maju had never before known, and he drank up any knowledge of magic that he could learn.

Eventually, some of the villagers began suspecting Maju’s magic use as the reason for why the bullies stopped mistreating him. Some claimed that Maju was possessed of evil spirits. Furthermore, the scholar had cast a particularly effective spell of confusion on one of Maju’s antagonists who was especially cruel, rendering him a babbling idiot. Eventually, their sorcery was exposed by Maju’s own father who inadvertently walked in on one of the mages’ sessions. The villagers captured and lynched Maju’s mentor, and Maju was exiled – cast outside the walls of the village into the frigid mountain winter.

Fortunately for Maju, his mentor had left him with a scrap of scroll that described the location of his hidden cache of arcane belongings – his spell book, some scrolls, as well as a small brass bottle with special instructions describing it as a ‘Efreeti Bottle’ from the westerlands, and explaining its use…and its dangers. To–date, Maju has been too afraid to attempt to use it. Carrying these items, and using magic to survive, Maju made his way off the mountain to the lowlands, but not before visiting the family of falcons that he had befriended. The mating pair offered Maju one of ther hatchlings, which Maju named Taku and took as his familiar. Over the subsequent weeks, Maju made his way to the coast, using magic to earn money along the way. Once to a port, he made his way to the mainland to eventually book passage to the southern islands of Salaya Sole where (he was told) resides his mentor’s mentor.

Physical Appearance: Maju is short of stature and slight of build. While weaker than most, he is no less hardy than the average human (perhaps due to his survival of repeated beatings in his youth). He prefers to not be noticed, and therefore wears poor, non-descript cloth – a loose-fitting cloak over his trousers and tunic, boots, and a soft cap. His arcane writings and devices remain closely hidden and protected; based on his experiences, Maju tries to avoid being recognized as a Magic-User. He visibly carries two black-powder pistols in hopes of deterring any would-be antagonists from getting too close, and anyone else for that matter.

Personality: Considering Maju’s background, it’s a wonder he’s willing to interact with other sentient creatures at all. His long years of mistreatment have left their mark in that, despite his easygoing, likeable, and influential nature, Maju prefers to be on his own. He doesn’t make friends easily, and tends to keep to his own company. He is very reluctant to reveal that he is a Magic–User. In spite of his difficult experiences, he maintains an upbeat, indefatigable attitude.

What Maju loves: Maju loves solving problems in elegant ways. He seeks to avoid conflict and instead solve situations by his guile, creativity, cleverness, and magic.

What Maju hates: Maju hates bullies in any form (for obvious reasons). He has a strong sense of justice, and will step in if he observes someone being mistreated in such a way.

Why Maju is part of the party: He booked passage on the ship seeking his mentor’s mentor at the destination port city. Otherwise, he doesn’t have a connection to anyone on board. Still, through the shipwreck, he has observed some of the ship’s occupants to be quite capable, and perhaps worthy of banding with.

AC: 11
BAB: +2

Str 7 (–1)
Int 17 (+2)
Wis 11
Dex 10
Con 11
Chr 15

Languages: Kona, The Desert Tongue, Common, Salayan

Saving throws:
Death ray or Poison : 12
Magic Wands : 13
Paralysis or Petrify : 12
Dragon Breath : 15
Spells : 13
(+2 vs. Illusions)

Weapon 1: Black Powder Pistol, 1d8, +2 to hit, ROF: 1/2, Weight: 2.
Weapon 2: Dagger, 1d4, +1 to hit, Weight 1.
Weapon 3: Grenade, 1d6+4 (15’ radius), +2 to hit, Single Use.

--- Weapons ---
2 Black Powder Pistols, slung visibly outside of cloak (weight: 4).
Dagger, silver, concealed under cloak (weight: 1).
2 Black Powder Grenades, concealed under cloak.

--- Apparel ---
Cloak (weight: 1).
Soft Cap.

--- Equipment ---
- Powder Horn (weight: 5).

- Rations, dry, 4 days (weight: 8).
- Rope, silk (weight: 2).
- Large sacs, 2.
- Wineskin/waterskin (weight: 2).
- Winter blanket (weight: 3).

Shoulder Satchel
- Efreeti Bottle containing Laylat AlHariq (3 hours/uses remaining).
- 2 Spell Books (one is his departed mentor's, the other is his own within which he has copied all of his mentor's spells that he can access)(weight:2).
- 1 book found in underground monkey laboratory.
-Saracen's spell book.
-Scroll Case with 2 scrolls (4th Level: Hallucinatory Terrain; 10% chance of fail/miscast)(Three unknown magical spells of medium level)(weight 1/2).
- 2 potions (Diminutive size and Haste)
- Scroll Case (10 pieces of paper)(weight 1/2).
- Scroll Case (empty)(weight 1/2).
- Chalk (small bag of pieces).
- Ink (1 jar).
- Quills (10).
- Quill knife.

- Light stones (3, had Continual Light cast on them).
- Dark stones (3, had Continual Dark cast on it).
- Holy water (1 vial).
- Mirror, small metal.
- Whistle.
- Money (see below).

Money: 30 pp, 20 gp, 9 sp, 10 cp. (weight: 7)

Falcon – Taku
AC 17.
Maju gains 3 hp and Taku’s distance vision when w/i 120’.

Spell Book
1st Level: Read Magic; (Charm Person); Detect Magic; ((Magic Missile)); Read Languages; Sleep; Ventriloquism.
2nd Level: Continual Light*; ESP; Phantasmal Force; (Web).
3rd Level: Dispel Magic; Fly; Haste*; Invisibility 10’ Radius; (Lightning Bolt).
Standard memorized spells are indicated with parentheses: (text).
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Re: Characters (Post Them Here)

Post Tue Dec 01, 2015 11:08 pm

Name: Kanya Jade
Class: Cleric
Race: Human (Siamese)
Level: 6 (29909 XP / 48000)

Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 130#
Tattoos: Yes (tbd)


AC: 18
BAB: +3
HP: 38
Move: 20'/rd (no pack), 10'/rd (pack)

Str 16 (+2 to hit, damage)
Int 13 (speaks Sea Trade, Desert Trade)
Wis 17 (+2 vs magical attacks)
Dex 13 (+1 AC, +1 initiative, +1 missile attacks)
Con 14 (+1 hit points)
Chr 6 (-1 reaction)

Patron deity: Loviatar (Deity of pain and suffering)
Cleric spells:
1st -- (4/day)
Cause light wounds *
Darkness **
Fear *
2nd -- (2/day)
Hold person *
Silence 15' radius *
3rd -- (1/day)

Saving throws (already includes +1 from ring of protection):
Death ray or Poison : 8 (+1 vs poison)
Magic Wands : 9 (+2 vs magical attacks, will attacks)
Paralysis or Petrify : 11
Dragon Breath : 13
Spells : 12 (+2 vs magical attacks, will attacks)

Weapon 1: Blackened great flail, quality (15#, +5 AB, 1d10+2 damage)
Weapon 2: Double-barreled pistol (3#, +4 AB, 1d8 damage, 20/40/60 range)
Weapon 3: Blackened morningstar, quality (7#, +5 AB, 1d8+2 damage)

Blackened banded mail, quality (35#, AC16)
Ring of Protection +1
Assorted piercings (150gp)

Belt pouch:
- Triangular copper coin of continual darkness
- Square silver coin of continual light
- 2 flasks of gunpowder (2#, 19gp); 19 shots
- 66gp of assorted circular coins
- 2x potion of extra healing (2d6+1) (2#)
- Potion of Claraudience (1#)

- 12 candles (-, 1gp)
- Unholy symbol, quality (-, 50gp)
- Scroll case (-, 1gp)
- Small mirror (-, 7gp)
- 2 weeks elven waybread (14#, 70gp); -2 days
- 2x waterskins (2#, 2gp)
- Magnetized needle (-, 1gp)
- Incense, 3 sticks (-, 3gp)
- Tinderbox (1#, 3gp)
- Bedroll (3#, 17gp)
- Tankard

Cowardly camel, named Dungbreath. Spithead is an oft-used nickname.

Encumbrance: (62# w/o pack; 82# with pack (light load limit is 70#)
Normal move: 10'/rd (metal armor, heavily encumbered due to pack)

Background: Sailor
Been a pirate forever, has plundered from the eastern Med to the Sea of Kona. Sacked Jerricho. Currently signed on to Jab-Afri because he pays well. He's paid handsomely for her ability to extract locations of hidden treasures from hostages. Comely, but a bit of a hellcat hence the low CHA. (More here later)

The necklaces on the ghouls are made of silver, badly tarnished. if Yuan Cheng was able, he'd tell you it was from his order, but probably from a different monastery. It could be worth 150gp. One necklace, on the leader, also has a sapphire worth about 50gp in addition. 200gp all up, round tally.
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Kilian HP 20/20 AC 19 (18 no shield)
Talin HP 29 AC 16
Tiana HP 11 AC 12 SP 8/8
Fido HP 9/9 AC 16
Anna HP 12/12 AC 15 (19 defensively)
Bruce HP 20/20 AC 16 (15 no shield)

Red Oak map
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Re: Characters and NPCs (Only)

Post Tue Nov 15, 2016 10:45 am

Apinya the Pirate

Race: Human (Siamese)
Sex: Female

Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Brown, but you can find hints of red on a bright day.
Height: 5'1''
Weight: 105 lb

Str 16 +2
Int 8
Wis 12
Dex 12
Con 14 +1
Cha 11

Fighter 6. BAB +4. Melee +6, Missile +4.

Languages - Siamese. She understands about 75% of what Islander people are saying.

Pistol d8, +4 - which she calls "Krayasart"
Cutlass d8+2, +6.

HP 34
AC 15 (leather, +2 ring of protection).

Potion of healing x2
Leather armor, cutlass, pistol, 9 days rations, 2 torches, tinderbox, waterskin, bedroll.

Saving Throws
Death-Ray/Poison - 10
Magic Wands - 11
Paralysis/Petrify - 12
Dragon Breath - 14
Spells - 15

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