First Play & First Session of BF1 on Roll20

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First Play & First Session of BF1 on Roll20

Post Sun Dec 31, 2017 12:49 am

We played our first session of BF1: Morgansfort tonight on Roll20. I was the Dungeon Master, while my PCs this evening were run by some guys I found on Google+, Chris and Jason. No spoilers on this post, because my players might read it :-P
As we had created characters beforehand we were able to get right into play, with the PCs arriving in front of the imposing hilltop fortress. They decide to not do anything crazy like shank the guards or try to pick pocket the comptroller, and are allowed entry after having their names and origins entered and paying a small fee.
The PCs were to meet a Bethite official named Vin Likuth, and after discussing his historigraphical interest in an old Urdish tomb buried under the abandoned island fortress he introduced them to some contacts who had also come to Morgansfort in relation to this work. The players ended up hiring a dwarf, a Bethite priest and two fighting-men to accompany them.
They did a foray into the tomb, and found some goodies. But one of their men fell to a trap, the other nearly died from a spider's venom. They have been recuperating and preparing again in town.

This is my first time running or playing BFRPG, though one of my players has experience with it from another campaign and both of them have played other, similar role-playing systems. We have had to look a couple of things up (to make sure we weren't confusing it with some version of D&D) but all the information was easy to check out when we needed it.

Both of my players have been great so far, they all got their PCs set up ahead of time and have been doing a good job of roleplaying and tackling the logistical side of things. Each of them is running two henchmen as well.
I'm still looking for one or two additional players, it is a BTB dungeon-crawl/wilderness setting. As long as you haven't read BF1 we are playing Saturday afternoon games (according to my mountain time).
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