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The overall tale

Posted: Tue Aug 03, 2021 10:59 am
by Rookie555
This topic is intended to gather up what has happened so far in the game of Mythical Adventures. The game itself will have each topic of a chapter (for instance Chapter 0: A Fresh Start). Whenever a chapter is made then an overall scope of what happened during the chapter. Also that I don't make too much topics and it gets over done with scrolling through multiple ones:

Chapter 0: A Fresh Start

The party is introduced: Zilljan Greywater, Taply Tripleaf, Grimlar Bright-fist, Grace "The Black Swan" Ni Mhaille and Deckard Rhyn. The party gather nearby a village and rest at the Sleepy Bear Inn. Which as they all sit together, they meet a farmer named Terrance and that he was interested in a druid that had come into the village. The reason being that another Druid named Oldwin had gone missing near the thicket of the woods. Taply was listening in what he had to say and asked what had happened to him. Terrance provides a map and guides them to the location on the trail.

They continue foward and reach outside of Oldwin's house alongside houses that once were lively, but are now in ruin. Goblins were roaming around and the party engages and successfully slays them. A single goblin flees in panic and a pair of keys are found by the corpse of one. Grimlar picks up the keys and they slowly learn of the house and keys that were left behind. They encounter Oldwin's cat who can speak elvish and ask them of the whereabouts of her master.

She gives some advice of each door having a connection to the keys that oldwin has used his lifetime. The party then takes time to pick one of the keys for the doors and discoveries a variety of situations. Grimlar dies when they encounter the kobolds from the right side of the dungeon. While the party did scare off the lower number of kobold and succeeded in running away. They bury Grimlar in honor for his might and work with him.

After death had lingered onto the party, Grace is introduced and Turgon back at the village. The house became strange and abnormal. Which they now approach the center door of where oldwin's room had been by walking through the corridor. They find his room in hope of finding out what happened to him. Grace investigates furniture, but finds an elven cloak that elves gave to oldwin. Zilljan looks through parchments and paper on his desk and finds the last letter Oldwin had wrote:

"this forest, these animals and friends. A curse has never before been around for a long time and now becomes noticeable outside my home. the Elves have come to investigate this matter on why this happens now. Their answer then lie in something I did not wish to recall when it existed. The catacombs that have been built for the Lord of the Undead named Tarus. I never wished to hear this name again, but the elves will go and rid of this sickness that continues to damage the nature. So I abandon my hope to awaken myself to the darkness of the dead. If only Tarus ever listened back then..."

After reading through the letter. The party leaves his room and continues on into the mysterious house.
  • New Locations: Temple of Abus, City of Valenor, Catacombs of Tarus.
  • New NPCs: Turgon, Terrance.