MapMatic allows you to create old-school style dungeon maps, with no drawing skill required. There are three different ways to use MapMatic:

Classic MapMatic uses a text description to create a dungeon map. You literally write out, line by line, what's in each square. The map text descriptions may be copied and pasted in and out of the screen, or uploaded from text files on your computer, but may not be stored on the website.

MapMatic +1 adds a graphical interface to the Classic MapMatic. Using MapMatic +1, you are able to draw your map by clicking the squares on a map view. MapMatic +1 shows the text description of the current square, allowing you to type the codes as with classic MapMatic, or to copy and paste a square definition from one square to another (handy for making long corridors, for instance). As with classic MapMatic, MapMatic +1 permits you to copy and paste the entire map definition (when you leave the editing screen) or to upload and download map definitions as text files.

MapMatic +2 extends +1 by providing online storage and sharing of your maps. To use MapMatic +2, first you must sign up for an account; all we require is a username and a working email address, which is used to send you an activation email. Maps may be uploaded and downloaded, or just stored on the site. You may mark a map as Public, which allows others to see your map as well as make copies of it for their own use (but not to edit your map in your account), or as View Only, permitting others to view the completed map but not to access its description, or Private for maps you don't want to share.

What do I recommend? Well, obviously, I like MapMatic +2; I created all three, and I see +2 as the ultimate version. But I know I have at least one user who loves Classic MapMatic, and I suspect there are a few who use +1. I do recommend that you read the tutorial for Classic MapMatic to get a feel for how it works before using either +1 or +2, but it's not critical that you do.

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